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The Making of Miss Bato 2023: A CreativeDevLabs and Bato LGU Partnership

When CreativeDevLabs partnered with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Bato, Leyte for Miss Bato 2023, it was a fusion of technological innovation and cultural heritage. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in the local event scene, showcasing how digital creativity can enhance traditional events.

Diverse Roles, Unified Goals

Our team at CreativeDevLabs embarked on a multifaceted mission. Firstly, we immersed ourselves in multimedia production, crafting engaging videos and PowerPoint presentations that were showcased on a grand LED wall. This visual spectacle added a modern twist to the pageant, captivating the audience with its vibrant display.

We’re proud to serve as the official tabulator, employing a modern electronic judging system. This advanced system simplifies the scoring process, allowing judges to easily input their scores directly from their smartphones. The scores are then sent through a centralized server, making the entire tabulation process more efficient. Our commitment to innovation goes beyond our main services. Showcasing our dedication to using technology to improve and update different aspects of event management. This upgraded judging system ensures accuracy and transparency. It reflects our goal of bringing user-friendly, tech-driven solutions to the forefront of event coordination.

Additionally, we played a crucial role as gatekeepers and judges’ aides. This responsibility entailed ensuring a smooth entry process for guests and providing essential support to the judging panel, thus maintaining the event’s integrity and flow.

Technical Touches to Traditional Pageantry

Moreover, our involvement extended to managing the pageant’s flow and addressing various technical aspects. Our team’s expertise was instrumental in seamlessly integrating technology into the event, ensuring that every segment progressed without a hitch.


The making of Miss Bato 2023 was a testament to the power of collaboration between tech-savvy teams like CreativeDevLabs and dedicated local government units. This collaboration not only elevated the pageant experience but also established a fresh benchmark for seamlessly integrating technology into local cultural events.


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