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Planting Seeds of Change: CreativeDevLabs Joins Alay Lakad 2023

In our commitment to community and environmental welfare, CreativeDevLabs took a meaningful step forward by participating in Alay Lakad 2023 with Bato, Leyte LGU. With the theme “Tuloy ang Lakad para sa Kabataan” (Continuing the Walk for the Youth), this event aimed to foster the development of the youth, who are the future pillars of our society. The day was filled with heartwarming moments, delicious food, and a shared sense of purpose. Culminating in a tree planting activity that symbolized our commitment to a greener future.

For CreativeDevLabs, our participation in Alay Lakad 2023 was a statement of support for our youth, our environment and fulfilling our commitment to our social responsibility. The connection between planting trees and planting the seeds of our future is unmistakable. Just as these trees will grow to protect and nurture the land, the youth we empower today will grow into the responsible and innovative adults who will shape our world.

A Rainy Morning’s Determination

As we gathered on that drizzly morning, rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. With unwavering determination, we set out for Alay Lakad. Knowing that our steps would contribute to a brighter future for the youth. Our arrival was met with hope for a successful event and the anticipation of creating cherished memories. We are excited in contributing to our community while safeguarding our planet.

Celebrating Unity and Culture

The day unfolded with a short program featuring delightful dance intermission numbers that highlighted our rich culture and traditions. Our team relished a hearty breakfast. We even had the chance to prepare our own version of “Tuslob Buwa,” a beloved Cebuano delicacy, alongside hanging rice. These moments of togetherness and cultural exchange added a special layer of meaning to our participation.

Planting Trees, Nurturing Hope

A pivotal and symbolic moment during the event unfolded as we engaged in a tree planting activity. This beautifully encapsulated our collective dedication to environmental conservation. Fueled by unity, we came together to plant trees of hope, envisioning a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come. These newly planted trees now stand as living monuments to our shared responsibility to safeguard the Earth’s beauty and resources.

As we wrapped up our day at Alay Lakad 2023, our hearts brimmed with hope and a profound sense of accomplishment. Our journey through rain-soaked streets underscored our unwavering commitment to effecting positive change. Together, we sowed the seeds of transformation, nurturing both our environment and the potential within our youth. With every step, we walked closer to a brighter future for all.

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