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From Coding to Cosplaying: CreativeDevLabs’ Spooky Halloween 2023

CreativeDevLabs Halloween Celebration transformed from a hub of coding expertise into a vibrant arena of cosplaying creativity. Our Halloween 2023 celebration was not just about costumes; it was a lively expression of our team’s diverse interests and talents.

Cosplay Creations Come to Life

The office buzzed with excitement as our colleagues transformed into their favorite personas. One member showcased their craftsmanship with a Hermis costume made of alpha geena and metallic materials, exuding a futuristic vibe. Another became the center of attention in a homemade Optimus Prime(URGH ERCH ERGH ARGH!) costume crafted from cardboard, demonstrating innovation on a budget.

The laughter was contagious when someone appeared as The Joker, complete with a permanent marker for eyeshadow – a creative yet simple solution. Our spooky lineup also included a ghost with sunglasses, a zombie IT student covered in starch, and a very convincing Anya Forger from the beloved series “Spy x Family.”

Perhaps the most thought-provoking was the Taong Grasa portrayal – a character embodying a person lost in the streets, covered in dirt. This costume not only amazed but also sparked conversations about social issues.

Festive Feasting and TikTok Dance

Moving beyond the captivating array of costumes, our senses were next treated to a delightful gastronomic experience. The menu featured a delectable spread of spaghetti, fried spare ribs, and the savory delight of Humba. Centered amongst these dishes was a Halloween-themed cake, serving as the sweet culmination of our feast.

Following the culinary indulgence, the true highlight of the evening unfolded: our TikTok dance session. Set against a backdrop artfully crafted from Tarp Papel, which lent a vibrant and festive atmosphere, our team’s usual coding prowess transformed into dance moves brimming with energy and laughter. This joyous moment, filled with unity and cheer, seamlessly bridged the gap between our professional expertise and personal passions, creating memories that would last well beyond the day.

A Celebration of Community and Creativity

CreativeDevLabs Halloween Celebration was more than just a party; it was a celebration of the unique and spirited community we’ve built. It was a day of embracing the fun and imaginative side of technology, where our team’s diverse personalities shone brightly.


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