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Building Bridges : Fostering Collaboration Between Interns and Staff

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Anything Under the Sun | 0 comments

Internship programs are critical for shaping the next generation of professionals and providing them with valuable insights into their chosen fields. However, the true impact of these programs goes beyond the interns and current staff members. In today’s rapidly changing work environments, fostering a culture of teamwork, innovation, and mutual understanding requires bridging the gap between interns and staff. Organizations can foster welcoming and inclusive environment in which everyone feels free to express themselves and contribute to the team by implementing strategies to break down barriers between interns and staff. Recognizing the importance of fostering such collaboration, CreativeDevLabs Team with the new sets of interns sets out on an unforgettable journey to Canigao Island, where we not only explored the pristine beaches but also learning and getting to know each other.


Canigao is an island in the Leyte Province. It is located off the coast of Matalom, the province’s municipality. Canigao Island is a popular tourist and travel destination due to it’s breathtaking view , crystal clear waters, white sand and coral reefs. This charming island provide a tranquil retreat for both nature lovers and adventurer. The coastline is fringed with coconut palm trees which provide shade and picturesque backdrop for leisurely walks along the beach. The journey starts in booking a boat to Canigao with around Php 181.00 per person back and forth. Each passenger are required to use life jackets for emergency purpose. As the team arrive at the island they became mesmerize of the white sand with a crystal like water . One of the most striking aspects of our journey was the seamless integration of interns and staffs. Hierarchical structures can often stifle open communication and collaboration within organizations. Furthermore in the midst of swaying trees and gentle ocean breeze, these barriers fell away. We learned about the power of unity in diversity through team-building activities such as beach volleyball, getting -to-know each other, exploring the whole island, and collaborative cooking sessions.

Canigao island provides a one-of-a kind team building experience that combines adventure, nature, culture, and camaraderie in a beautiful tropical setting whether participating in outdoor activities, conversation efforts, immersing in local culture, or tackling each challenges in life, it makes lasting memories while strengthening bonds and fostering collaboration. Explore the beauty of the Island and start the adventure of discovery, connection, and growth. The Creativedevlabs team is now much more familiar with each other’s perspectives than before.


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